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The Rob Staley Band

The Rob Staley Band

Rob Staley is an up and coming country music artist living in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Morrisonville, New York (a small town in rural upstate just west of Plattsburgh), he has made his way to California to play, write and record “real country music”.

Raised around country music from childhood, Rob began singing and playing guitar at a very young age. His father (Alden Staley “Joe”) has been a country singer in the upstate NY area for many years since before Rob was born until present day. Rob has taken his father’s talents and continual support to fuel his career.

Rob has recently released a new full length, self-titled album containing original country music written by himself and other great song writers in the California country music scene, along with a couple of covers from some of his favorite old honky-tonkers. The record is available on CD and for digital download from most digital distributors.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, one of Rob’s greatest accomplishments has been the formation of an incredible group of musicians called “Rob Staley Band”. Together over the past few years, he and the boys have played 3 to 5 nights a week all over Southern California: Nevada, Arizona, etc and have recorded their first album. Live performances range from smooth classic and current country to all out “roadhouse” and “honky tonk”.

Rob's main priority now is to get the music heard. The next step is to find proper management and start booking more festivals, opening acts, showcases and anywhere else that is looking to hear some real, raw original country tunes.

Rob is not your “run of the mill” country singer. Though a “yankee” he is here to tell you that it doesn’t matter where you’re from; all of us country folk grow up the same. There are country people and country music everywhere, even north of the Mason Dixon line. He has not only talent and ability, but a genuine love and respect for “real country music”... the kind performed by the great country legends, both past and present. He is “natural”, and he doesn’t have to struggle to sound like a country singer. His vocal style, while very polished and unique, is reminiscent of some of his favorite country idols (Alan Jackson, George Jones, George Strait, Dwight Yoakam, Faron Young, etc).

Although he won’t boast to the fact, Rob Staley is “Real Country”. You could say, “The Real Deal”, but he will readily tell you that he is proud to be a country singer and proud to be a part of the great American tradition of country and western music.